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Greeting from the President

Takashi Uyeno

Chairman & President

For 150 years since our establishment in 1869, the Uyeno Group has been engaged in the transportation, storage, and sale of petroleum and chemical products that are indispensable to industries and everyday life, as well as in the solar and marine environment businesses.

We consider safety to be our ultimate goal and key to success. Each and every employee recognizes,“No accidents is the lifeline for the continued survival of the company,” and strives to maintain this level of safety every day.

Today, the Uyeno Group is made up of 39 companies including Uyeno Transtech Ltd., a leading company with a successful track record for the marine transportation of petroleum and chemical products; Uyeno Yuso Ltd., which provides land transportation services for the same; and Uyeno Green Solutions Ltd., which works to expand our solar business, including mega solar power plants, as a system integrator for solar power generation systems. Based on our energy-related businesses of petroleum and chemical products, renewable energy and LNG, We strive to make a difference across a multitude of business sectors and contribute positively to the development of society.