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Management Principles

Mission of the Uyeno Group

Through the provision of advanced technology and high-quality services in energy-related transportation, storage, sales, and environmental protection, the Uyeno Group will strive to contribute widely to the development of society as one of the leading corporate groups in the world.

Vision of the Uyeno Group

1.To become a total distribution company
2.To meet global environmental and safety standards
3.To develop next-generation energy businesses

Uyeno Group Code of Behavior

1.Social Responsibility

We will be a good corporate citizen through the appropriate disclosure of company information.

2.Environmental Responsibility

We recognize the impact our business actions have on people and the environment and thus actively strive for harmony with the global environment through environmentally friendly initiatives.

3.Responsibility for Safety

As a company that handles hazardous substances, we strive for zero accidents through thorough safety measures.

4.Responsibility to Protect Information

We strive to appropriately project personal information and customer information.

5.Responsibility to Customers

We provide high-quality products and services while freely competing and engaging in appropriate and fair business transaction.

6.Responsibility to Subcontractors

We aim to be trusted by our subcontractors and to achieve co-prosperity with them.

7.Responsibilities to Employees

We provide a safe and pleasant working environment while respecting the diversity, personalities, and individuality of our employees.

10 Values of the Uyeno Group

1.  Customer Satisfaction
2.  Spirit of Challenge & Innovation
3.  Sense of Ethics & Transparency
4.  Sense of Responsibility
5.  Professional Expertise
6.  Passion
7.  Speed
8.  Leadership
9.  Human Resource Development