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Privacy Policy

The Uyeno Group companies (hereinafter “the Company”), recognize the importance of protecting personal information to the discharge their responsibility toward a variety of stakeholders in accordance with the Mission, Vision, and the Code of Ethics and to achieve sustainable growth and have thus set the following policy to protect personal information.

1. Handling and use of personal information

The Company shall use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use that has been adequately explained to the individual and to which the individual has agreed. In addition, personal information shall not be provided to or disclosed to a third party without the agreement of the individual except as prescribed by law.

2. Respect of individual rights regarding personal information

The Company shall company shall meet the request of an individual to disclose, correct, delete or otherwise handle his or her personal information possessed by the Company unless otherwise prescribed by law.

3. Maintaining the accuracy and security of personal information

The Company shall strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date as well as to maintain security to prevent the unauthorized access, leak, or other related accidents concerning the personal information possessed by the Company. In addition, if the handling of personal information is commissioned to an outside party, the commissioned party shall be required to perform the same level of personal information management as the Company.

4. Management Systems and Responsible Persons

To protect personal information, the Company shall assign a person responsible for protecting personal information companywide and shall specify the persons responsible for protecting personal information for each organization that handles personal information.

5. Creation of Rules for Observing Laws, Regulations, etc.

The Company shall prescribe the in-house rules necessary for the appropriate management and use of personal information to ensure it is handled in accordance with the related laws, regulations, etc.

6. Education and Training of Employees

The Company shall continually conduct education and training of employees and other related persons in the handling of personal information.

7. Regular Review

The Company shall regularly review the handling of personal information and strive to make continuous improvements.

In this policy, Uyeno Group companies refers to Uyeno Kosan Ltd., and its consolidated subsidiaries, which specifically are the companies stated below.
Uyeno Transtech, Oxalis Shipping, Sunrise Ocean Shipping, Daiko Senpaku, Uyeno Green Solutions, UGS Sakura, UGS Miho, UGS Kanaya, Uyeno Yuso, MCU Transport, Tohoku Energy Yuso, Sunrise Oil Service, Oxalis Chemicals, Isawan Bosai, Uyeno Marine Service, Chubu Marine Service, Isewan Marine Service, Toei Kaiun, Gokei Kaiun , Onoda Marine, Seibu Marine Service, Asahi Tsusan, EDMUND, NCU Logistics