• The Uyeno Group is involved in a wide range of businesses,
    including petroleum and chemical related projects,
    alternative energy related business, marine disaster prevention,
    shipping agency, customs clearance and other services.
    We aim to develop the Group through synergic efforts.
Our Business
Strengths are in diverse segments
The Uyeno group is comprised of 33 companies engaged in transportation, storage and sales of petroleum and chemical products essential for industrial and civic life, as well as being engaged in ventures related to solar energy and marine environment. Since our establishment in 1869, we have made vast contributions to societal development stretching over a variety of business fields, and have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise over a span of more than 150 years.
Locations covering the entire country
We have 64 bases, mainly in major ports and neighboring cities in Japan, and have built a nationwide logistics network to ensure a stable supply of energy-related products. Overseas, we have three bases in Singapore, the Philippines and Taiwan. We have systems in place to meet global needs.
Outline of Uyeno Group
Operating vessels
  • 77
Vehicles in operation
  • 1091
  • 2141
  • 64
Established in
  • 1869
In net sales
  • ¥821
  • billion