• Uyeno Transtech
Uyeno Transtech Ltd
As the core company of the Uyeno Group, we support people's affluent lives by operating a fleet of about 60 tankers, both domestic and international.
Since its establishment, Uyeno Transtech Ltd. has been involved in the marine transportation of petroleum/petrochemical products, contributing to the development of society. We will continue to sail towards the future of energy.
Environmental and Safety Initiatives

•Attempting zero emissions

•Safety Management using IT
•Advanced Vessels
Marine Transportation
We provide safe, high-quality marine transportation services.
Uyeno Transtech's core business is the marine transportation of petroleum/petrochemical products via tankers.
We transport energy essential for daily life and industry from oil refineries and factories all over the country.

Tankers transporting cargoes, including hazardous materials, require advanced safety management.
Under the slogan of being completely accident-free, we will continue to provide safe and high-quality services to our customers by incorporating the know-how we have accumulated since our founding, as well as technology that looks to the future of shipping.
Company overview
  • Head office address

    46 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-0023, Japan

  • Date of establishment

    March 1869

  • Capital

    ¥480 million

  • Fiscal year ends

    March 31st

  • Number of employees

    174 (as of April 1st, 2023)

  • Net sales

    ¥20,526 million (fiscal year ending March 2023)

  • Business Areas

    1.Marine transportation2.Coastal shipping3.Shipping agency4.Seafarer deployment5.Petrochemicals trading6.General trucking transportation7.Freight transportation handling8.Warehousing9.Customs clearance10.Port transportation11.Sales of toxic and deleterious substances12.Manufacture, sale, lease and rental of packing crates and pallets13.Leasing and rental of automobiles14.Collection and transport of industrial waste15.Sales, planning, construction supervision, and import/export of electrical equipment16.All operations concerning the above

  • Chairman & CEO

    Takashi Uyeno

  • President & COO

    Gen Uyeno

  • Vice President & CSO

    Norihiko Sato

  • Managing Director

    Kotaro Tamura

  • Director

    Takeshi Yanagawa

  • Director

    Yoshihiro Oonishi

  • Director

    Taizo Komatsu

  • Outside Director

    Shinzo Hara

  • Outside Director

    Toshihiko Fukuzawa

  • Outside Director

    Atsuya Nojiri

  • Auditor

    Kazuyoshi Tsukamoto

  • Outside Auditor

    Yoshihiro Mori

  • Managing Executive Officer

    Toshinari Tanaka

  • Managing Executive Officer

    Akira Yamashiro

  • Executive Officer

    Takehiko Matsumoto

  • Executive Officer

    Yasuyuki Nose

  • Executive Officer

    Minetaka Fujita

  • Executive Officer

    Tetsuro Akiyama

Tokyo Office
7F Kasumigaseki Bldg.,2-5 Kasumigaseki 3-chome,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-6007 JAPAN
Singapore Office
200 Cantonment Road, #14-04 Southpoint, Singapore 089763