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  • Privacy Policy
Uyeno Group Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information
Uyeno Group companies (hereinafter referred to as "Uyeno") recognize the importance of protecting personal information in fulfilling our responsibilities to various stakeholders and achieving sustainable development in accordance with our Mission, Vision, and Charter of Conduct, and have established the following policies.
1.Acquisition and use of personal information
The Company will provide an appropriate explanation of the purpose of use of personal information to the person who is the subject of the personal information, and will use the personal information within the scope of the purpose of use for which the consent of the person has been obtained. We will not provide or disclose personal information held by us to any third party without the consent of the person concerned, except as required by law or regulation.
2.Respect for the rights of the individual regarding personal information
If the Company receives a request for disclosure, correction, deletion, etc., of personal information held by the Company, the Company will respond appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations.
3.Ensuring the accuracy and security of personal information
We will endeavor to keep personal information in our possession accurate and up-to-date, and will work to ensure security in order to prevent accidents such as unauthorized access to personal information and its leakage. In the event that the Company outsources the handling of personal information, the Company will take the necessary measures to ensure that the outsourced company manages personal information to the same standards as the Company.
4.Management system and responsible persons
In order to promote company-wide efforts to protect personal information, the Company will appoint a Chief Privacy Officer and a Personal Information Protection Officer to assist the Chief Privacy Officer and ensure thorough management of personal information.
5.Compliance with laws and regulations and maintenance of rules and regulations
The Company shall not only comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, however, shall also establish the necessary internal rules for the appropriate management and operation of such information.
6.Education and training for employees
The Company will continuously educate and train its employees, etc. on the handling of personal information.
7.Periodic review
The Company will periodically review its handling of personal information and strive to continuously improve it.
*In this policy, the Uyeno Group companies refer to Uyeno Group Holdings Ltd and its consolidated subsidiaries, specifically the following companies.
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  • 大光船舶
  • アクトシッピング
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  • エム・シー・ユートランスポート
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