Initiatives within Land Transportation Business
Uyeno Yuso Ltd supports people's daily lives by safely delivering to our customers petroleum products, chemical products, and various other products that are essential for daily life and industry.
To ensure a safe and stable supply, we pursue safety in terms of being both tangible and intangible, and aim to be completely accident-free.
Uyeno Yuso Ltd
USDS (Uyeno Safety Driver Standards)
USDS is a safety management system that sets certain standards for the skill and knowledge level of all drivers for the vehicles they operate and use.
They learn not only driving and unloading skills, but also how to recognize the risk of accidents and how to respond in the event of an accident, and act as delivery experts.
Safety equipment
We are constantly introducing the latest safety equipment to create a safer working environment for our crew and to reduce human error to as close to zero as possible.
Real-time operation recording
The purpose of this system is to record the occurrence of accidents and review driving conditions.
It also allows us to respond immediately to situations that are happening now, and to provide safety guidance without safety manager to attend to them.
Operation diagnostic equipment
Daily operation is analyzed by examining 5 key constituent areas.
By reviewing the results together with supervisors, we are able to improve our operation skills and help prevent traffic accidents.
Contamination prevention device
If the wrong product is unloaded, the wrong type of oil is contaminated in the tank, and once this contaminated oil is sold, it could cause an accident which has serious impacts in society, such as a fire accident.
We aim to prevent accidental unloading of the wrong product into the customer's tanks by using an anti-contamination device and recording information about the loaded products.