• Be the energy for leading our industry and the world to a sustainable future.
Uyeno group was established over 150 years ago.
We, the Uyeno Group, have proudly been working on our mission of transporting energy, using our advanced technology to ensure the safe transport and storage of hazardous materials; an essential component of societal infrastructure

The innovation achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 starts now.

Uyeno’s continue commitment to improvement and constant evolution to meet demands of the future and confront societal challenges today and tomorrow.

Uyeno strives to see beyond change. One step at the time, we adapt to expand the realm of possibility.

Inside of the world of Uyeno, we combine the strength of our company with our clients and business partners to face challenges with a united mindset.
We continue to support relationship build on trust. Our dedication to accident- free high quality services, expansion of our business areas with continues movement.

Now, let's take a step forward to create the next Uyeno and exceed all expectations.
Let's give the world a hand.
We are all in control of our own destiny to take us to our next challenge.