• Seibu Marine Service K.K.
Seibu Marine Service K.K.
Achieving completely accident-free operations in the marine sector. We protect the marine environment and ensure the security for the future.
Seibu Marine Service K.K. has bases in Sanyo-Onoda City and Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Saitozaki in Fukuoka Prefecture, and is engaged in various maritime-related businesses, focusing on marine disaster prevention services and ship agency services.
We are working to create a safe environment for both our customers and employees by developing human resources who can play an active role in a wide range of fields in today's diversifying world.
We are striving to become a company rooted in the community by achieving "zero accident" and "zero occupational injury" in the maritime sector and being "completely accident-free".
Environmental and Safety Initiatives
We provide safe and secure services in maritime disaster prevention, ship agency services, and cargo handling safety supervision services, mainly in maritime affairs.
We are also engaged in marine conservation, and in the event of a contingency, we conduct oil fence deployment and recovery operations, as well as marine cleanup operations in the narrow waters of ports and harbors.
We are responsible for projects that protect the marine environment and support the future of local communities.
Shipping agency
As a terminal agent for the Yamaguchi Refinery of Seibu Oil Co.,Ltd. and the Kokura and Fukuoka Oil Depots of Japan Oil Network Ltd., we mainly act as an agent/representative of clients for all domestic and foreign vessels entering port.
Ports, facilities and cargo handling
We are mainly engaged in the mooring and discharging of domestic and ocean-going vessels entering the Yamaguchi Refinery and the ports of Ube and Kanmon.
Cargo Safety Supervision
We are engaged in safety supervision of cargo handling for vessels entering ports in various parts of western Japan.
Maritime Disaster Prevention
We own 8 disaster prevention vessels and are mainly engaged in cargo guarding operations for crude oil and petroleum products at the ports of Ube, Kanmon, Hakata and Unoshima.
In the event of a ship oil spill, we also perform recovery and prevention work.
Vessels in operation
Fire Fighting Disaster Prevention Ship
Oil Recovery Ship
Disaster prevention work ships
Takachiho, Hikoyu Maru, Marin No.1
Disaster Prevention Ship
Bosai No.2
Oil Fence Expansion Vessel
Akasaki, Kubote
Operating vessels
Sales of pollution control-related materials and ship's equipment
We have oil spill prevention equipment and materials such as oil dispersants, oil adsorbents, and oil fences, and can respond quickly in the event of an emergency.
We are responsible for tank, piping and steel structure construction, painting work, and equipment maintenance and inspection at petroleum facilities and neighboring companies in Yamaguchi and Kyushu prefectures.
We also provide disaster prevention construction and consulting services based on our accumulated know-how.
Customs clearance
We provide customs clearance services for petroleum products at the Yamaguchi Refinery of Seibu Oil Co.,Ltd., the Mutsure Oil Terminal of Daitoh Tank Terminal Co.,Ltd.
Industrial waste collection and transportation
We collect and transport various types of industrial waste discharged from neighboring companies, such as waste oil and waste plastic.
Company overview
  • Head office address

    5 Nishioki, Sanyo-Onoda-shi, Yamaguchi

  • Date of establishment

    December 3rd, 1974

  • Capital

    ¥20 million

  • Fiscal year ends

    March 31st

  • Number of employees

    24 (as of April 1st, 2023)

  • Net sales

    ¥1,083 million (fiscal year ending March 2023)

  • Nature of business

    1.Maritime disaster prevention2.Shipping agency3.Marine transportation4.Customs clearance5.Port cargo handling6.Petroleum delivery agency7.Ship chartering8.Maritime security services9.Maritime consulting s10.Tank and cleaning industry11.Sales of pollution prevention-related materials and ship's equipment12.Industrial waste collection and transportation13.Steel structure construction14.Painting work15.Plumbing16.Machinery and equipment installation17.Diving operation18.Sale of daily sundries and foodstuffs19.Execution, contracting and supervision of civil engineering works20.Execution, contracting and supervision of construction work21.All business incidental to the above22.Drone business23.Freight forwarding

  • Chairman

    Gen Uyeno

  • President

    Zen Uyeno

  • Managing Director

    Yukihito Yamaki

  • Senior Managing Director

    Yoshiharu Horie

  • Director

    Tadaaki Hanada

  • Director

    Satoshi Handa

  • Director

    joji Tanabe

  • Director

    Takeshi Yanagawa

  • Director

    Norihiko Sato

  • Auditor

    Tomoyuki Shimatani

  • Auditor

    Kazuyoshi Tsukamoto

  • Executive Officer

    Shigetoshi Kamata

Head Office
5 Nishioki, Sanyo-Onoda-shi, Yamaguchi, 756-0885
Shimonoseki Office
16-6 Hanano-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi, 750-0014
Saitozaki Office
3-4-15 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 811-0321 Within Fukuoka Oil Tank Facility(Terminal) of Japan Oil Network K.K.(Ltd.)